Cooler Master V1200
1200W 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply

Cooler Master developed the V Series to re-ascertain its position as the world's top power supply brand. Featuring highest grade components, (Custom DC-DC Module, 100% Japanese Capacitors) the V1200 boasts outstanding efficiency, excellent hold-up times, voltage stability, and ripple suppression. Thanks to a high quality FDB fan, V1200 remains extremely cool and quiet during operation. The V Series uses a fully modular cable system with beautiful all black, extra slim flat-ribbon cables. This makes cable management a breeze and results in elegant, clean looking builds with the best possible airflow.
Fully Modular Cable System
Use only the cables that your system needs with no unnecessary cables lying around. Building a clean and tidy system with excellent airflow has never been this easy and convenient.
Hybrid Fan Controller
Quickly toggle between an always-on fan mode or zero dBA fanless operation under 30% load.
V1200 manages to keep the +12V rail within ±1% at all times, outperforming even Digital PSUs
The +12V rail is the most important part of a modern power supply. Both CPUs and graphics cards, the two most important and power hungry components in any computer, are powered by the 12V line. Voltage fluctuations can cause anything from high pitch noises, lowered CPU and VGA overclock capabilities, system instability, or even damaged components.
Thanks to an elaborate design with microscopic tolerances and a detailed channel, the bearing core and inner case are constantly separated by a thin film of oil, preventing the two metal parts from ever actually touching. The channels on the bearing core act as a pump, constantly looping the oil back to the center, giving it no chance to leak. This results in extremely quiet operation and an extremely long life.
The 12V goes directly through the Custom DC-DC Module and converts to 5V & 3.3V without any efficiency loss. Compared to regular DC-DC modules, the V Series' Custom DC-DC Module design results in much lower cross-talk, signal noise, and offers notably higher efficiency and voltage stability.