Keyboard? Gamepad?
Why Not Both?
The MK850 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is fully featured with exclusive Aimpad technology for analog control. Transition seamlessly from MOBA to FPS to driving games and even flight sims with unprecedented control on a cluster of eight keys (QWER + ASDF). Feature packed with Cherry MX red switches for durability, Precision Wheels for easy in-game adjustments, and brushed aluminum to last through all your battles. Combined with removable Type-C cable, magnetic wrist rest, and per-key RGB backlighting, the MK850 is the next step in gaming technology. It's a game-changer - literally.
Aimpad Technology Makes
Other Peripherals Obsolete
The MK850 comes outfitted with exclusive Aimpad technology, which uses a combination of IR sensors and mechanical switches to effectively imbue your keyboard with all the analog powers of your favorite peripherals. Make slight adjustments or course corrections minus the jerky tapping of traditional keyboards, and get fine-tuned movement in your WASD fingertips. With the MK850, you now have no excuse to toss your rarely-used steering wheels, controllers, joysticks, and/or keyboards.
Take Control with
Precision Wheels
Adjust your volume, dial in your DPI, change colors, and more. With two Precision Wheels, the MK850 Keyboard becomes your command center for your entire setup.
Up Your APMs and Be the Hero
The MK850 comes with lightweight mechanical Cherry MX Red switches. These switches have the rugged reputation that Cherry MX is known for, but also have a lower actuation force than all other Cherry MX switches, at just 45cN.
If you translate that into English: these switches are not only durable and responsive, but also really easy to press. That means less fighting with your board, and more focusing on rapid-fire actions to strafe circles around the competition. It’s not quite a performance-enhancing keyboard, but it will make your opponents suspicious for sure.
Improve Your Stamina with This One Weird Trick
Lightweight switches with lower actuation means reduced finger strain - and the comfortable wrist rest means reduced wrist and hand pain. Put that all together, and you have a keyboard that’ll ensure peak performance all night long, baby.
Look Like a Champ, not an NPC
The MK850 not only delivers in performance, but also in looks. Let’s be real: performance is cool, but looks go a long way too. And with full RGB capability, this is one keyboard that’s not only smart and capable, but stunningly sexy as well with 16.7 million colors to choose from and software to customization to your heart’s content.
MK850 FAQs
I just bought the MK850. What should I do first?
Please download our software via the download tab at the top of this page. Since Aimpad is brand new technology, we are continuously providing firmware and software updates to improve your experience. Downloading and installing the most current firmware and software will ensure you’re getting the most out of the MK850.
What games work with Aimpad? Is there a full list?
Since MK850 is plug-and-play, it can be recognized as a controller or keyboard. Therefore, games that come with controller support will most likely work with Aimpad. Some games will have full support with keyboard and mouse being used at the same time. Others might only offer partial support. For a list of games, please check here:

Keep in mind that if a game isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean it won’t work with Aimpad. It just means it either hasn’t been tested yet or may require some tweaking with in-game settings to behave properly.
Aimpad does not seem to be working in a game with full support. What do I do?
This is most likely because the MK850 is not being recognized as “Player 1.”If you have multiple controllers or gaming peripherals, always connect the MK850 first so it gets slotted as “Player 1.” Connecting a peripheral before the MK850 may override this priority and set the MK850 as “Player 2.” Not sure of your connectivity settings? You can use Aimpad’s Controller Test here:
I’m using an older OS and the keyboard is not being recognized as a controller in Windows. What do I do?
If you’re using a PC with an OS older than Windows 10 (WIN 7/ WIN XP / WIN Vista), you must install the XBox 360 Controller Driver before connecting the MK850 for the first time:

Link for XBOX 360 Controller Drive
How and when should I calibrate Aimpad?
It is recommended to calibrate your key sensitivity every time Aimpad is toggled on or off using the button on the top right (more info about on/off button below). Otherwise, we recommend calibrating key sensitivity only in circumstances where singular key inputs are being consistently repeated.

We recommend to not calibrate until after the keyboard has been plugged in for at least 5 minutes. The LEDs “warm” up over time, so if someone calibrates the keyboard right after plugging it in then you will likely have to recalibrate it again because the values will shift.

See the instructions on how to manually calibrate below:

FN + "-" = Sensitivity/Deadzone Calibration (Workable in M2/M3/M4/M5 Mode), (press and hold 5 seconds)

Using UIOP and JKL; keys as a visual representation, you can see what keys need to be calibrated. (NOTE: The corresponding AIMPAD keys will change to RED when calibration is needed, and GREEN when the key is calibrated successfully.)

Using the visuals above, Q, S, and D need to be recalibrated.

To calibrate the Aimpad function of each key, press the key and hold it down for 4 seconds until the corresponding Aimpad KEYS change from red to green, this means that it was successfully calibrated.

When all Aimpad KEYS have been successfully calibrated and the corresponding keys U, I, O, P, and J, K, L, ; have all changed to green, they keyboard will automatically exit calibration mode.

The Aimpad keys are typing by themselves! Help! What do I do?
This happens when the keyboard is not calibrated and the deadzones have been decreased using the sensitivity keys on the top right of the keyboard. Please calibrate your keyboard using.
What are the presets assigned to the M1-M5 buttons?
The MK850 has five pre-installed profile modes, M1-M5, that correspond to specific use cases:
  • M1: Normal Keyboard Mode - Standard keyboard mode with no Aimpad enabled.
  • M2: FPS Mode - Aimpad is enabled in the WASD keys, which function like the left stick of a controller, allowing you to move forward, back, left and right smoothly in video games.
  • M3: Driving Mode - Aimpad is enabled in the WASD keys with the W and S keys functioning as the Left and Right analog triggers of a controller. Typically, when driving in video games using a controller, the right trigger acts as your gas pedal, and the left as your brake. Therefore, W controls your gas, S your brake, and A/D keys will act as the steering wheel.
  • M4: Advanced Flight Mode - Aimpad is enabled in all 8 keys: QWER, ASDF. WASD will function like the left analog stick, Q and E will function as the Right and Left triggers, R and F will function as the up and down on the Right stick.
  • M5: Activation Point MOBA Mode - This allows you to set the actuation point on all 8 Aimpad keys using the sensitivity keys located on the top right of the keyboard. By default, these keys have a “hair trigger” actuation point, where a slight keypress will enable their actions.
Why can’t I type on the Aimpad keys when I’m using M2-M4 profiles?
In order to prevent dual inputs, the M2-M4 profile modes disable the letter inputs of their respective keys. In other words, you are unable to type with the QWER+ASDF keys when these modes are enabled. Use M1 for keyboard mode when you want to type.
When should I use the On/Off button that is located on the top right of the keyboard?
You should only use this button if you want the keyboard to be recognized as a keyboard and not controller in Windows. Usually there is no reason to do this. If you’re looking to only type, use M1 instead to access keyboard functions.
Why is there a slight delay when pressing the on/off button?
There may be a slight delay in keyboard functionality upon using the hard on/off button located on the top right of the keyboard. This delay will vary depending on the user’s OS (ex. WIN 7 will need around 5-10 seconds to switch).

The reason for this delay is because it is acting as if you are unplugging the device. When it’s on, the keyboard is recognized as a controller. When turning off, the keyboard gets recognized as a keyboard. Most of the time, there is no reason to turn on/off and you should access keyboard functionality via M1.
What does the plus and minus sensitivity keys do at the top right of the MK850?
Think of these keys “anti-deadzone” or “deadzone compensation.” Its purpose is to counteract the effect of deadzones programmed by game developers. Therefore, we included these sensitivity keys to control how the analog keys respond in games at the top of the key press. If you find that you have to press the analog key down a significant amount before your game character starts to respond in game, then try increasing the sensitivity. If you find that your game character is moving too quickly at the top of the press try decreasing the sensitivity. In M5 MOBA mode, the sensitivity keys change the actuation point instead.

Is there Linux support for Aimpad?
Linux support for analog control is available by using the Linux “xboxdrv” driver and can be tested using jstest-gtk.
Product Name MK850
Product Number MK-850-GKCR1-**
Switch Type Cherry MX Red
Material Plastic / Aluminum / PU Leather
Color Gunmetal
LED Color RGB, 16.7 million colors
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Response Rate 1ms / 1000Hz
MCU 32bit ARM Cortex M3
On board Memory 512KB
On-the-fly system Multi-media,Macro Recording and Lighting
Multi-media Keys Yes, 5 dedicated + 2 Wheels
Smart cable manager Yes,180 degree, 3 ways
Wrist rest Removable magnetic with soft PU Leather
Cable Detachable braided USB Type-C
Software Support Yes, new Cross Product Unified Software Application
Connector Cable USB 3.0
USB Hub USB 3.0 Hub x2
Cable Length 1.8m
Dimensions 49.4 x 26.8 x 5.5 cm
Product Weight (without cable) 885g(1.951 lbs)
Warranty 2 years